About Us

At Agricultural Resource Center, we believe that everybody has the right to enjoy clean air and water, that our communities need to be ecological and that our federal government should work responsively and democratically. Our kids must be able to grow up free from contact with hazardous chemicals, and with every opportunity to prosper.  Yet all too often, these basic rights are disregarded or bypassed, risking the health of both individuals and our environment.  We realize that polluters will frequently go to great measures in order to avoid being responsible for their messes, and that federal government agencies can be extremely slow to do what’s right. When our neighborhoods are in danger from pollution, it is up to ordinary citizens to take some action.


Agricultural Resource Center’s objective is to work in unison with neighborhoods; supplying you with the abilities and resources required to prevent or cleanup pollution at a local level.  Since 2003, we’ve organized neighborhoods across North Carolina to develop the plans and ways to successfully resolve the issues they face.  In doing so, we’ve trained neighbors to not only protect their health & safety, but to think strategically and get together for proactive, positive change. Within our 10 year history, we’ve helped win numerous campaigns to safeguard the health of residents and communities throughout the region.


Each day, we get calls from all over the state, from citizens that are cleaning up harmful waste and spills, reducing pesticide use, and combating improperly sited waste, power, and industrial establishments.  Along the way, we have brought the many residents we’ve worked with together, and organized for common-sense alternatives, to promote safer, ecological methods to recycle and help reduce waste region wide.  By assisting regular citizens to stand against hazardous pollution, we’ve created leaders within communities; steering them toward the vision of a secure, healthy, ecological society.


Agricultural Resource Center is here to assist you in creating the ecologically friendly, safe and healthy community you are entitled to.